Friday, July 15, 2011

What do you think? What is it with humankind?

How do we determine negligence when it comes to parenting? Is it Obesity? Is it the number of hours spent watching TV? Is is emotional neglect? Is it physical abuse?
Is it a parent who shames and humiliates? Is it a parent who does not help with homework? One who is on drugs? It is amazing that obesity has now stirred up the question of loss of custody? We have to have a license to operate motorcycles, cars, drive a truck, and do manicures. Parents, however, have never been required to learn anything or read a book before having a baby. For decades all invisible child abuse have been closeted. Only recently do people dare utter "sexual abuse", "abandonment", "sadistic behavior" and other parental neglect. Even clergy abuse, within the safest construct led by god, is a slippery slope. Now, obesity has brought about such serious discussions lead by the AMA. Including the possibility of loss of custody! Why does our society have to have such tangible deadly proof of neglect before we pay attention to the vulnerable? Do we have to have the pain somatized to 400 pounds at the age 12 before someone pays attention? What about the ones who do not somatize to that level? Do we prescribe more neglect for them? Something to note about the human condition!