Saturday, July 16, 2011

dreams have to do with the dreamers gender! May be evolution?

I often wondered why do I have nightmares? I analyzed the dreams from every psychological school of thought that I could wrap my head around.. then I recounted all the dreams of the hundreds of people who have walked through my doors and realized there is a common denominator, women's dreams are different than men and women have more nightmares than men. Men dream of intercourse, aggression and activities. But, woman not so often. The theme is always about loss and abandonment. I was hoping for some scientific proof and to my amazement, finally, I found it. I found Dr Jennie Parker who having suffered from nightmares, was interested in looking at some aspect of psychology for her PhD study and it was at a lecture about dreams, given by former UWE researcher Dr Susan Blackmore that she had a moment of epiphany.

Dr Parker explains, “My most significant finding is that women in general do experience more nightmares than men. An early study into dreams lead to my discovering that normative research procedures into Dream Research often considered the structure of dreams but that there is a gaping hole in terms of academic study that investigates emotional significance in the analysis of dreams.

Dr. Parker as a result of her research found the following: “I found that women’s nightmares can be broadly divided into three categories, fearful dreams – being chased or life threatened, losing a loved one or confused dreams." It sounds like evolution to me, what do you think?