Thursday, February 28, 2013

Questioning !

The Pope left today.

I deeply respect all religions. I mostly respect the human need to believe. The fragility of the believer. The dependency of the mortal human. The infinitesimal existence of a powerless short lived thinking being. The terrifying notion of heaven and hell.... not to mention some religions promises of  wine and countless virgins to men in the glory of after life.

Have I missed something here?
Did God say take care of your leaders and let others suffer?
Did God say that one should have a throne while others starve?
Did God say love is Sinful?
Did God say Did God say woman and gays are second class?
Did God say look the other way?
 I am overwhelmed by thousand year traditions that are mostly meant to control the masses. This day was a clear example. One of the wealthiest, most powerful countries in the world , the Vatican, has a leadership change. The assigned majesty and grace to this political event is incredibly amusing   An intricate emotional and spiritual cloak  is somewhat of a mask for the obvious political struggles behind the scenes.

The ring changes hands at 8 pm and that was important a thousand years ago. In 2013, leaks about corruption and cover ups are only a few of the underlying issues. It is not a selfless, bold and spiritual move to resign but a political necessarily and possibly an order. Over a billion people follow these traditions without questioning them. Billions are starving, being shot and abused by governments around the world. I think we should reclaim an ounce of our child like curiosity  and question all things.

With all due respect to the pope, you are not just a " pilgrim ".

Humbly dr. Z