Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dana Rohrabacher (R) Vs. Todd Akin? Which one more ignorant?

Dear Mr. Rohrabacher
With all due respect, you are as ignorant as Todd Akin, you have no idea of the subject unless your attempt is purely to create a massive civil war in Iran in order to get closer to Russia and may be provide ammunition for further destruction for votes and financial reasons. Please review history and clarify your motives before making public statements. Americans do not want the sacred power of the office to be abused any longer. Either by you nor by the Todd Akin types of individuals. Thank you

Washington, Jul 26 - Today, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) sent a letter to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton urging the United States to back freedom for Azeris from Iran. Rohrabacher’s letter was prompted by recent news stories concerning a budding military cooperation between Israel and the Azerbaijan Republic.

“It would be wise for the United States to encourage such cooperation, as the aggressive dictatorship in Tehran is our enemy as well as theirs,” writes Rohrabacher. “The people of Azerbaijan are geographically divided and many are calling for the reunification of their homeland after nearly two centuries of foreign rule.”

Almost twice as many Azeri live in Iran as in the Azerbaijan Republic. Their homeland was divided by Russia and Persia in 1828, without their consent. “The Azerbaijan Republic won its independence in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed,” continues the letter. “Now it is time for the Azeris in Iran to win their freedom too.”

“Aiding the legitimate aspirations of the Azeri people for independence is a worthy cause in and of itself,” says Rohrabacher. “Yet, it also poses a greater danger to the Iranian tyrants than the threat of bombing its underground nuclear research bunkers.”