Saturday, August 4, 2012

Darkest moments of the Olympics:Wajdon Shaherkani

Please stop and reflect on what is happening to a 16 year old wojdan?
I so understand and empathize with her terror, conflict, and pain during the longest 2 minutes of her life.

Women are being used as pawns even in 2012. Wojdan's Judo competition was another incident of a disgusting, self serving and publicly condoned female abuse & humiliation. She, a young innocent girl pays the price for men to seem tough and to resemble true leaders. To change history does not include play pretend. This is as bad to the female psyche as female gentile mutilation is to her body.

Has anyone stopped to think what has happened to Wojdan? How scared she must be? The Saudi national television is calling her a prostitute! She is not allowed to talk to any press, some man speaks for her, she is treated as a show horse, lips sealed, head covered, paraded, shamed and objectified.

She has never competed, never seen crowds, never left the country, never been to any games, never removed her hijab, never seen the Olympics???? Never seen a woman drive!

As a female, she was raised to please and to be hidden behind closed doors. She was branded as second class citizen, good only to serve her man while he is enjoying independence. She is now supposed to compete but be sweet and kind, worry about a strand of hair and be subservient to any aggression/ competition coming her way? Why would one throw an unprepared teen in such competitive arena? The terror of judgement of her hair showing from the ridiculous head cover, "hijab", was greater than her Olympic loss. My heart breaks for her.

Furthermore, using teenagers for the Al Sauds or other individuals to seem open minded is the most shameful form of child abuse I have ever encountered.

I hope this incredible young lady stays whole, turns out to be a fighter for women as a result of this experience and break all barriers of female oppression even if it is all sadly " in the name of GOD".