Friday, June 8, 2012

Checking reality! Being abused by politicians!

Am I the only one who has such trouble accepting the practice of presidential fundraising activities and the associated astronomical expense not to mention the disruption? Why do we pay for someone to raise money to secure their next job while already on the job? Makes no logical sense to me. It is as if we are accepting abuse because it is so. The cost of fundraising for a president is mostly on the taxpayer's shoulder since the campaign fund reimbursement is minuscule. No matter which party, this part of our political system is the abuse of power. Campaign reform is certainly called for. I am astonished that for the 11th time the Los Angeles police department announces to the residents to stay away from the public roads and freeways! What about the life of the average person who does not have the luxury to sit home and to avoid going to work or the doctor or to see their ailing parent? Why do we accept this as a matter of fact? We have allowed too much freedom to all politicians and have paid for it without questioning authority. This is the united states of america, we have to exercise our power as individuals to make changes. Help me understand please. Your thoughts?