Thursday, May 17, 2012

Try the body weight simulator from the NIDDK

The national institute of Diabetes, Digestive & Kidney Diseases
M.I.T.-trained mathematician and physicist:  Dr. Chow 
has the latest word on weight loss. 

Any practical advice from your number crunching?
One of the things the numbers have shown us is that weight change, up or down, takes a very, very long time. All diets work. But the reaction time is really slow: on the order of a year.
People don’t wait long enough to see what they are going to stabilize at. So if you drop weight and return to your old eating habits, the time it takes to crawl back to your old weight is something like three years. To help people understand this better, we’ve posted an interactive version of our model at People can plug in their information and learn how much they’ll need to reduce their intake and increase their activity to lose. It will also give them a rough sense of how much time it will take to reach the goal. Applied mathematics in action!