Saturday, August 20, 2011

Notes from the gratitude journal: Greater Good Science of a Meaningful Life-UC Berkeley

A gratitude journal is a must for us all. Here are some entries from the UC Berkeley Greater Good Site. It is a valuable reminder to be grateful for all the gifts that life offers us, no matter how small. Start yours today.

I’m grateful for some time up north in the woods. Finally out in nature!
City Girl

I’m happy that my husband is going to take care of the kids for a whole week so that I can go to a writing workshop.
Writing Mama

I am very happy that the money I gave a girl for her hostel(stay) to study for her master’s is doing very well and enjoying her lectures in the college.

I’m grateful for my husband; who makes room in his busy schedule to take over with kids so I can have several days away, alone!

I am so thankful for the generosity of good friends, just when I needed help.
Texas Neighbor

I am thankful for an extended family that is willing to be “on-call” when my family is going through a hectic time.
Carly Brown

I am very grateful for libraries. I’m especially grateful for Laura, a very helpful librarian at our neighborhood library.
A Reader

I’m grateful to have a great mechanic and body shop experts. They help me extend the life of my car.
Happy Driver

I’m grateful that when I had to relieve myself of some stressful job obligations, the people who need to understand understood and supported me in my decisions.
Janine Kovac