Thursday, May 19, 2011

Somebody please tell these guys........? REALLY?

Mr. Schwartzenaegger and Mr. Straus-Kahn:
Have you not learned anything from Berlusconi, Clinton, The Bishop of Bruge, Kim Jong, John Edwards and hundreds of others who abused their power to feed their insatiable egos? How could you give yourselves the right to manage others lives while clearly incompetent to manage your most primitive, infantile aggressive urges. 

Mr. Schwartzenaegger please stop reapeating "this happened over a decade ago," as if that makes it less of a digusting betrayal of your wife and children's trust. 

Mr. Strauss-Kahn please remember you tore off shirts, forcefully unhooked bras,
ripped panty hoses, grabbed, gropped and forced yourself on three or more  women
before the Sofitel incident.  The conspiracy theory does not apply.